08disney3Becca graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University with a B.A. degree in Public Relations, Communication and Marketing.She is currently employed in that field and hopes to expand her horizons into the “sports/entertainment world”.

Becca graduated from the GStar School of The Arts High School for Film and Movie production where she was professionally trained in acting if she decided to pursue that as a career. The GStar School of the Arts is the only High School in The World with a Working Motion Picture Studio on Campus and is the largest Film, TV, and Acting High School in the Nation

Becca Ross started her martial arts career studying Wing Chun Kung Fu at 4 years old under the tutelage of Sensei Chai Hillman in NY. She credits her Sensei with providing her the tools that have given her the success she has achieved in world competition. She went on to achieve Black Belts in Kenpo,  Hapkido and currently holds a 4th degree Black Belt in Senshu Do Ryu.She is a member of the AmeriKick World Competition Team.
In 2011 Becca was chosen to be a member of the World Wide Mannatech Media Team. The team’s goal was to raise awareness about the fight against malnutrition at each of the NASKA competitions in the U.S. and Canada by speaking to students about proper nutrition, self image and the Give for Real campaign. They appeared at studios in each city to discuss Mannatech’s partnership with the ISKA. In addition, they visited several Children’s hospitals and educational facilities where they entertained and performed for the kids.

In 2011 Becca was inducted into the IIMAA Hall of Fame
as the Top Weapons and Forms Instructor in the U.S.A.

In 2011 Becca became a proud member of the highly respected
International Competition AmeriKick Team!

In 2010 Becca has been inducted into the prestigious
Black Belt Magazine Hall of Fame

20 plus years of martial arts experience, training, and competition has made her one of the most sort after and respected martial arts instructors in the world. She has instructed students in weapons and forms both here and abroad. In the past 5 years she has been recognized and honored both in the USA and Europe for her superior skills and teaching ability. She has conducted seminars all over the world and has helped many young martial artists and athletes achieve their goals in traditional, creative and extreme martial arts. She has also given of her time freely to help support many charity events and performed for underprivileged and disabled children. She is recognized as one of the top weapons experts in the world specializing in Bo staff and one of the top extreme/creative/traditional forms (kata) instructors in the world. She is available for private lessons, camps, seminars, demonstrations and virtual lessons. She has made several professional instructional videos.